Finance and Management Consulting


KAMP Associates provides a wide variety of services, including:

CFO Services

Often our clients are in need of immediate short or long term management in the form of a CFO or Controller. Our expertise in quickly understanding complex financial situations that require reconciliation and explanation of data. KAMP is able to come into organizations and provide the finance and accounting management that brings stability to your existing department.

Project Management

Many of our clients have specific projects that they either do not have the staff or the expertise to address. These projects are typically opportunities that keep getting put on the back burner, projects that could be beneficial to the organization but simply cannot be a priority. KAMP can address and manage many different business situations that can allow our clients to take advantage of these types of opportunities in order to further their organizations to a level that they many not have been able to achieve otherwise.

Business Relationships

Organizations truly benefit from aligning themselves with the proper business allies. These relationships can be with a variety of other organizations, including: banks, attorneys, audit firms, media firms, marketing companies, and public relations firms. The proper partners can increase the effectiveness of the need. KAMP can help identify business partners that align best with your firm’s purposes and intents.

Business Plans

When companies are thinking about change, whether it be growth, starting-up, contracting, acquiring a major purchase, or getting into a new business venture, a business plan is a great tool to measure the benefit and risks. Business plans can be fairly simple, or extremely complex depending on the need and use of the plan. KAMP helps clients build business plans in order to create a successful and well thought out strategy for moving forward.

Audit Facilitation

Our consultants have a strong background in financial audit, and can work with the client to prepare for audits, anticipate the requirements and potential issues, and identify what options the client has in the audit process. We are often engaged to run and manage a client’s entire audit process.

Business Valuation

Due to the variety of factors that effect the valuation of a business, it can be can be part art and part science, but almost always complex. KAMP has helped clients with the valuation of their business for partnership agreements, shareholder issues, estate planning, and for general analysis to determine what would make it more valuable.


The budget process is a crucial step in planning an organization’s path to success. It’s the roadmap that guides the organization, an exercise that requires the identification of desires and threats. KAMP helps organizations through the process of creating that budget roadmap to provide the discipline and guidance for your organization.

RFP/RFI Management

At times organizations are faced with decisions that are larger than most, and many times these decisions require the selection of a vendor for your organization that can have a large impact on your everyday workings. An Request for Information/Request for Proposal process can help to provide a structured and documented comparison of vendors to support your ultimate decision.

Raising Capital

There are many different ways to raise capital for an organization, and what’s best for some might not be best for others. KAMP can help identify the different ways to raise capital and determine the best means for your organization. Once a mean is identified, we can construct and mobilize a plan.

Start Ups

We have taken clients from concept to fully functioning organizations, being the resource for proper tax structure, planning, cash flow, attracting investment, market research, and distribution channels. Start ups often incorporate many of our services like business planning, budgeting, CFO services, and raising capital.